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We’re a bunch of fintech coders who think investing is for EVERYONE, not just filthy-rich old white dudes. We also think it’d be sick to win prizes using fake money. We went ahead and built our own fantasy investing tournament-style game to let you do just that (and maybe score fancy investing skills along the way. I mean you don’t have to if you hate achieving, but, like...you could).

We are bringing investing as a mobile fantasy league to the masses.

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Here’s some testimonialsfrom people who totally played our game and then said this stuff.
Alexander Hamilton
Signum City was easy to sign up for, fun to play, and I won prizes in my first month of play. I’m using the Starbucks gift card I won right now. I’m getting the Pink Drink.
Winning money and other prizes doesn’t have to require suffering. Signum City makes it a blast to play investor with your friends.
Marco Polo
No expedition OR begging required – you can sign up and play from the comfort of your own couch. Start playing now!
Saint Peter
For the love of all things holy, download Signum City. This game makes it fun and exciting to master investment with my friends. The real-life prizes certainly don’t hurt.
Don’t you want to be the first of your friends to unlock their inner money mogul?
You’re gonna look silly if they
master their money skills before you...

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